Monday, July 13, 2009


Im Twinkle. A little man off to find a big adventure. Im currently staying in San Diego and looking for fun things around the area!
This was my first visit to Ikea. There was some lovely furniture in the front entrance of the store. But then you had to climb about 50 stairs to get into the actual store part. Luckily I got a ride in a pocket!

Here I am in the Ikea cafe. The meatballs were delicious and I washed them down with a large Pepsi. Didnt much care for the bubbles!

I could see the store in the distance, but wasnt quite sure how to get into it! Another pocket ride was the answer!

After making our way through the very large, two story store, we purchased our items on a slide like apparatus. It was only fun once!

Here I am watching the clerk ring up purchases and the patrons bag their own items. Very interesting place!

Come back soon and see where I went next!

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