Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun at the Pumpkin Farm

Today I was taken on a little road trip.

Sweet Berry Farm was having their Harvest of Fall Fun.

The family made their way through a maze of maize in the shape of Texas. After finding the location of eleven stations throughout the maze and getting their cards punched, they were rewarded with sodas.
The day ended with photos in the pumpkin patches.

It was definitely a good day.


  1. Hello Twinkle
    Sounds like you had a fun day with the Victory's and the pumpkins.
    Love the picture of you on top of the pumpkin!

  2. What a fantastic day! We had planned on visiting a patch and never made it!

  3. Shorts?! Wearing shorts?! It is a balmy 5 degrees C today (as the high temperature). We haven't donned the toques, scarves or mitts FT yet but I have all the snowpants and Sorel boots ready to go!

    The pumpkin will be so fun to decorate!!

  4. LOL...Didn't even notice that he was wearing shorts. It has been glorious weather here. Yesterday the high was 76F (24C).

  5. Umm. I thought I commented already! Oh well.. Hi Twinkles--glad you're safe.

  6. glad twinkle is having some fall fun :D

  7. so i'm gathering that your gnomes name is Twinkles. how cute!
    i love the pumpkin pictures. nice!

  8. Looks like you had a blast Twinkles! They are taking good care of you!

  9. Great pumpkin! Looks like you are having fun!