Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello from Texas

After a short trip in some mighty tight quarters, I arrive at my next hostess's house no worse for wear. When I heard I was going to Texas, I conjured up visions of old "Cowboy & Indian" movies from the wild west. Little did I know that I would be staying with a school teacher whose students were finishing up a unit on Native Americans of Texas.
Here I am getting to know a few Lipan Apache horses.

Hey, look at me! I am finally taller that someone else. :-)

As I get to know Mrs. Victory and her students more, I will share what I learned while attending fourth grade.


  1. Hi Twinkle
    My you are handsome and I love the flowers you are carrying.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in Texas, say hi to all the kids for me.
    You are welcome to stay at my place in Sydney, Australia anytime.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxx

  2. Twinkle Im so glad you found someone you are taller than! It isnt so bad being short, especially when you can sneak into pockets and such! Enjoy 4th grade!

  3. PS I think Twinkle brings bad weather wherever he goes. It was pouring when he arrived.

  4. yeah Twinkle, so glad you are enjoying your travels!

  5. Hey little guy--
    I'm glad you are in safe hands--sorry about all the rain and the "incident"

  6. so glad you are finally getting an education :D