Friday, August 21, 2009

My scrappy day!

Today we had some errands to run and because Kelli has been under the weather for a couple days, we tried to get it all done at once. Kelli's mom came with us. We went to the scrapbook store and I hung out with my gnomies, they weren't every talkative but it was nice to see my own kind so far from home.
Later we helped Kelli's friend make her wedding favours. I helped curl edges of flowers, we made 60 sets of flowers, my fingers are a bit sore. We didn't get to the waterslide last weekend and are going tomorrow, regardless of weather. After that I'm headed out to my next destination. It's been great here, at first the smoke was annoying but the fire is out, just a few hot spots that need tending. I'm looking forward to my trip!

1 comment:

  1. Cute cards! Im sure the store was fun! And I love those wedding flowers!! Have fun Twinkle, and safe travels!!