Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surprise Guest

Poor Twinkle arrived in Washington while I was out for the day and had to wait on the front porch... I don't think he minded too much, he seemed to have kept himself entertained and ate all my red cherry tomatoes!

Checking out the reflection pool:

Finished eating all the ripe tomatoes:

Taking a nap in the chair:

Once I got home, I invited Twinkle inside and the first thing he did was meet Moose

Here's Moose checking Twinkle out:

Moose isn't too sure about this:

Aww... they made friends:

Twinkle wanted to visit my craft area since he heard it was soo clean, but instead found it like this:

Twinkle is turning in early tonight for his BIG day in Seattle tomorrow as he goes to work with me:


  1. Im glad he arrived safely! I should have packed an umbrella for him! Love the pictures! Nite nite Twinkle :)

  2. So glad he made the trip safe and sound. He probably smelled like our dogs when he got there. Have fun with him!

  3. Amy, No umbrella needed! Keeping my fingers crossed! But he could of used some pocket money this morning when we boarded the bus. He was a little angry that I made him hide in my laptop bag. Also, he arrived without his itenary, maybe customs stole it? So he is a bit confused as to where he is headed after Seattle. Also, he would like know if he can stay thru Labor Day and visit the beach house on Whidbey with us this weekend or if he needs to get moving on to his next stop.

  4. Ah-I would of eaten the tomatoes too!!!
    I bet he and Moose will become BFF"s and maybe even PenPals!