Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Rainy Adventures of Twinkle

The weather turned nasty rainy here last week and poor little Twinkle was right in the midst of it! Friday night he stowed away in my bag to the Chris Isaak concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, but he opted to stay in my bag out of the rain. He said Chris was a great entertainer even if he couldn't see him.

Saturday was a nice day. We headed to Whidbey Island and Twinkle enjoyed the ferry ride and the wind blowing him around.



We sat out on the deck all day Saturday, but the resident cat didn't like Twinkle, so he kept a low profile.

Sunday, it rained buckets! Once again Twinkle opted to stay in my bag as we ran from shop to shop in Langley. He came out later and was doing espresso shots in the local coffee shop, but was in no condition to have his picture taken. But the locals, loved him, it was standing room only in the place as he made a spectacle of himself.


We came home early due to the rain and Twinkle thought it would be great to get some postcards to take pictures in front of because the weather was so bad.



Here's Twinkle taking one last look at the view from my office. Finally the weather is changing and Twinkle is leaving for his next stop!


Looks like the pics are too big for the page, so you can click on the pic to see the entire thing. Sorry Twinkle, getting cut out of your own pics!


  1. love twinkle's rainy day adventures :D

  2. Love the pics Twinkle. Sorry it rained but I warned you it may when you put Washington on your itinerary! Enjoy your next journey!!

  3. Twinkle - you need an umbrella!!! Be careful we don;t want you getting sick and catching a cold! ;o)

  4. The weather wasn't the best when Twinkle was here either, maybe he brings the rain with him.