Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The weather has been bad--so no real good to check out the local sites.

Here's just a snip of Twinks outing today.

We rode into work on the Virginia Railway Express. We were a little disappointed since we all thought that "express" meant fast--HA! It was a 2 hour evolution--the time dragged-- we were almost late for work!

Here he is at my building

Heading off to met the hubs at the corner subway- He came to meet us for lunch and for a little house hunting.

Having an outdoor lunch (funny Wienie picture) and.....

Listening to a band in the courtyard. Life is good.

Video to come shortly!!! Look out.

So you have to check this out- This we can NOT afford--but we all enjoyed looking at it any (I like looking at model homes for decorating ideas and to dream I guess) Maybe Twinkle's mom has deep pockets..huh?

This condo is just across from my work- This place is $946,000.00 for a mere
1,400 sq. ft--yikes, garage not included, but for another $40,000 they'll toss one in however, also with an additional $60 per month garage maintenance fee!!!! As if..........

If we had deep pockets I could not pass up that view.

God Bless America!


  1. Hey your rain let up! Looks like you are having fun Twinkle, glad you got to see the sights! Dont cause any trouble while you are in DC!

  2. love the view from that condo - twinkle looks like he is having a great time in DC!

    is he going to visit the white house?

  3. Wow! You could dip our 2000 sq. foot house, that's upper and lower combined, in gold and it wouldn't cost that much!